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EDEL City Helsinki upcycling design group workshop

Those who seek inspiration and want to actively participate in the making of new eco-design products can book a fun upcycling-design group workshop from EDEL City. No prior experience is needed.

EDEL City upcycling design workshop group Helsinki

Usually a workshop lasts 1-1,5 hours with personal guidance by a professional designer. Workshops are held in the center of Helsinki or at a location of your choice. You will be introduced to the world of upcycling design and various waste materials. Examples of Finnish DIY upcycling-design items are presented during the workshop. Participants can follow the instructions or create a completely unique item based on their own ideas. Participants can keep their produced workshop item or alternatively donate it as inspiration for future workshop participants. The workshop includes usage of basic tools, jewelry parts and local recycling materials such as computer parts, buttons, recycling textiles, rubber tyre inner tubes.

We have held workshops for anywhere between 5 and 100 participants at a time. Workshops are available on request all year round and can be held in Finnish, English and German.

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Charity Activity

At least 10% from each EDEL City upcycling-design workshop are used for charity activity. This means that EDEL City holds free workshops for low-income groups such as children or disabled persons.

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